Saturday, August 4, 2007

Undercover Reporter Outed, Flees DefCon Conference

When I was at Tactical Exploitation yesterday, the Defcon staff announced that a reporter had failed to register as being with the press and had been caught using a hidden cam. The story got some press:

Undercover Reporter Outed, Flees DefCon Conference

NBC muckraker outed at Defcon

Undercover NBC Dateline reporter bolts from DEFCON 2007

I like this:

"It came to our attention that a reporter might be here with a hidden pinhole camera," Moss told the crowd, which he said left two options. One was to let her corner some 13-year-old kid and get him to admit to hacking. The other was to escort her away.

Fortunately, the article fails to mention that a large number of people responded to Dark Tangent's question by shouting, "String her up!"