Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So for the last week or so I have been sitting in on these 9:00am meetings where the customer is showing us how their current processes work for deploying Microsoft SQL Server. We use WebEx, and can actually see his entire desktop projected onto our conference room wall. Normally it's just the scripts we are discussing, but some times it's something juicier like his email or his IM conversations.

It made me remark to Morris today that I felt like it was the part in the movie Star Trek: Generations where the bad guys had put a hidden camera into Geordi's visor, and were watching and waiting for him to walk past the display in Engineering that showed the frequency to the Enterprise's shields.

Morris later this evening was nice enough to forward the dialog to me in email:

That's it!
Replay from time index 924.
Magnify this section and enhance.
Their shields are operating on a modulation of 257.4.
Adjust our torpedo frequency to match 257.4!

Worf: They have found a way to penetrate our shields!
Riker: Lock phasers and return fire!