Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday talks I attended

A Crazy Toaster: Can Home Devices Turn Against us? - demonstration of using autodiscovery protocols such as bonjour or Universal Plug and Play to compromise workstations.

How to be a WiFI Ninja - a good introduction into antenna design and implementation

Virualization: Enough holes to work Vegas - the notion that running in a VMWare session provides additional protection is bullshit.

Hacking your Access Card Reader - Good discussion info the various biometric and other access control solutions and how fatally flawed they are.

Kernel Wars - introduction into writing kernel overflows and hands-on demonstration on various operating systems

Smashing the Stack: Overflows, Counter-measures, and the Real World - good discussion into how the NX bit, canaries, and stack randomization still are vulnerable. Also discusses the state of the various solutions available on different platforms.

Hardware Hacking for Software Geeks - this was my favorite talk - they went into the various reverse engineering techniques focusing on routers under the OpenWRT project. JTAG, BDM, flash ripping, IDA Pro. Lots of cool stuff.

I'm at the TCP/IP drinking game now, and then will head over to Hacker Jeopardy.