Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moving right along...

Been having a pretty busy week. Did a bunch of work on AIX. Learned about some of the eccentricities of the IBM xlC compiler. It's been pretty productive though. Full steam ahead. Pedal to the metal.

Here's a rather entertaining email from Sequoia Systems (a company that make the electronic voting machines in many districts in New Jersey), and how they're threatening to sue Princeton Professor Ed Felton if he does an analysis of their voting machines:

In response to the threat, he felt it appropriate to publish one of the poll result tapes from the NJ primary, and how their machines apparently don't know that (1+13+40+3+4) doesn't add up to 60.

Ed Felton is very well respected in the community. He's written various papers on electronic voting problems, and was the guy a few years ago whose team beat the SDMI challenge (Secure Digital Watermarking Initiative). Rather than signing an NDA and taking the cash prize, he decided rather to publish a paper on his results, drawing threats of lawsuits from the music industry (rather ironic since it was their own contest to see if someone could break their watermarks).

I finally finished the Ender quartet last week, and moved on to reading Microserfs, which is a pretty quick read. It's funny because I was thinking about picking it up the last time I was at the Strand, and Victoria's psychic powers prompted her to get it for me.