Sunday, April 13, 2008


Went home sick on Friday. Ick.

On Saturday, went to Philly to meet Victoria, and then we drove out to New Jersey for Jayden's 2nd birthday. He's such a cute kid, and I can't get over how smart. I don't think I've met a two year old who points out the window at the fence and says "The squirrel went under the gate."

Went out with Mom this morning to the Route 70 flea market. I haven't been there in over a decade, but it hasn't really change much. Lots of crap I don't need: knives, porn, old books, furniture, and more porn. After the flea market, we grabbed some lunch at the All Seasons and went to the movies to see 21. Not bad, but pretty predictable since I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the MIT blackjack team a couple of years ago.

Got home late this afternoon, and worked through some issues over email with the V4L guys regarding my HVR-950 support. We've been working on a new unified driver that supports digital tv for various devices in the same family. Hoping to see it stabilize over the next couple of days. We missed the merge window for Linux kernel 2.6.25, but it should get in there for 2.6.26. Pretty cool.

Oh, and yesterday I bought a Pinnacle PVTV Pro HDTV because it was supposed to be an EmpiaTech based device and I wanted to try it with my new driver, and found out that Pinnacle came out with a brand new hardware design, but didn't change the product name. So there are now two totally different devices with the same name. I can't blame Pinnacle too much, since from an end user standpoint there isn't any difference, but it makes it harder to tell which driver you need because the packaging is identical (they have different USB IDs, but you can't find which it is until you have opened the box and plugged it in).

To make matters worse, the device doesn't work with the Elgato EyeTV software I use with my Mac either.