Friday, September 19, 2008


We're having a vote to see what the codename should be for the next product release at work (using Dan's homegrown voting system).

I just got the following rather entertaining IM:

(5:35:22 PM) Dan Cohen: Did you hack my voting file?!!!
(5:35:28 PM) devinheitmueller: pardon?
(5:36:02 PM) Dan Cohen: there is not that many people it could be, and based on what was done, I am guessing it was you......
(5:36:07 PM) devinheitmueller: I'm a little offended you would point the finger at me...
(5:36:41 PM) devinheitmueller: Besides, you closed the security hole I thought.
(5:37:13 PM) Dan Cohen: not the "log into empire as root and edit the file" security hole
(5:37:20 PM) devinheitmueller: I don't have root.
(5:37:31 PM) devinheitmueller: In fact, I don't think I have an account on that system at all.
(5:37:49 PM) Dan Cohen: Hmm, and it isn't empire anyway, it is the rt box, so I don't think it could have been you
(5:37:52 PM) Dan Cohen: interesting
(5:37:57 PM) devinheitmueller: indeed.