Sunday, September 21, 2008

Small World

Spent the weekend in Philadelphia. Victoria, her friend Amanda, and I spent most of Saturday in the UPenn Veterinary ER. They found a stray cat that was really sick. As it turns out, the cat appears to only have been starving. As a pleasant outcome, the couple that found the cat with Amanda took it in when we came back from the hospital.

Victoria has been working at the Cooper Cancer Hospital. She called me tonight to tell me that she had to login to their system remotely to access some files. She was wondering if the name of the company I last worked at was in fact "AEP Networks" because she was using something called the "AEP Netilla Thin Client" to access the records.

She also pointed out that the Mac support doesn't work very well. :-)

I'm looking at my the todo list I wrote down last Sunday, and it would appear I didn't get a whole lot done this week.
  • Patch for Pinnacle 801e support for "Non-Pro" version
  • Get Kaffeine TODO list into source control
  • xc5000 i2c cleanup work
  • Identify AMD 600 thermal problem
  • Investigate tvp5150 sleep hook
  • Map out HVR-950 GPIOs so I can put the device to sleep properly
  • Look into A52 audio "Conversation level" field
  • Add major/minor channel numbers to Kaffeine4 ATSC scan results
Ok, looking at the list again, I guess I did get some stuff done...