Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Pretty uneventful day. Fixed some bugs. Wasn't feeling too well.

Updated my Ubuntu laptop and worked on getting Kaffeine3 to build. Kaffeine4 is working fine, but I wanted to get the older version loaded so I could do some tuner profiling.

Did a bit more power analysis on the Pinnacle 801e tonight. Found out that the xc5000 tuner wasn't being put to sleep when disconnecting from the frontend. With the fix I put together idle power consumption dropped from 325 ma down to 124 ma. So now it looks like the analog decoder, the digital demodulator, and the tuner are all being properly powered down. The only thing remaining is the USB bridge. I sent Patrick some email tonight asking if he knew how the dib0700 power management registers work (the Pinnacle Windows driver does not appear to ever use it).

Watched a couple more episodes from season one of the West Wing.