Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HVR-950 tuner power consumption

One thing that had always bothered me was how my em28xx based devices are always drawing full power when plugged in, even if the device is not capturing.

It turns out that like the xc5000 driver, the xc3028 driver also had the sleep function commented out.

I can only assume that this was done when loading the firmware took more than ten seconds (I submitted a fix when I was doing the original HVR-950 work months ago that brought it down to ~1200ms).

Putting in the sleep brought power consumption from 520ma down to 185ma at idle (and it properly reloads the firmware when it comes back online)

Will submit a patch after my xc5000 changes get pushed in. I also need to test it with my other em28xx based devices, as well as with a couple of other applications.