Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today, Victoria, Jen, Jon, and Jayden went to the Bronx zoo. It was alot of fun, but what a PITA it was to get there (subway work on both the 2 and 5 lines). Will post the pictures the same time I get the D.C. photos up from last week.

Submitted a cleaned up batch of xc5000 fixes to Mkrufky. These changes aren't essential, but clean up the i2c code a bit and address a couple of edge cases in the exception handling. Also should make the tuning on the Pinnacle 801e significantly faster.

I seem to have run into a problem though. The tuning fixes I have for the Pinnacle 801e appear to make tuning *so* fast that it seems to have exposed some sort of timing bug in the xc5000/s5h1411 combination. Ugh. I hate timing bugs.

Also, I discovered that both the s5h1409 and s5h1411 driver do not set the spectral inversion properly in the dvb set_params() callback. Most people won't notice or care, but I did because I was trying to track down the intermittent problem I am seeing achieving tuning lock.

And without the s5h1411 datasheet, deciphering the status register is kind of a pain.

I also need to get my latest batch of Kaffeine4 fixes submitted for merge, and see if I can find someone to let me sit in their living for a few hours with a laptop so I can debug why QAM scanning doesn't work in Kaffeine.