Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More work on Pinnacle 801e tuning speed

Since I got all the changes pushed for the Pinnacle 801e, over the weekend I went back and started looking at the various xc5000 cleanup work I had pending.

Learned to use quilt on Saturday afternoon (thanks mkrufky!). Prepared a series of patches breaking down the individual changes. Submitted for comments.

Sunday night, discovered that there is some sort of timing bug where I only get successful lock around 50% of the time with my changes. Crap. I don't think it's my changes, but the changes exacerbate the issue.

Spent the last couple of nights debugging the issue. I still don't have it nailed down, but I did figure out that because of DVB-T inversion support, failed tuning attempts get repeated even though you can't adjust the inversion. With that fix, a run of w_scan went from 9:20 down to 6:11. Nice. Combined with my other xc5000 fixes, it brought the time down to 3:11. That's basically three times faster.

Will continue to debug tonight. I'm *so* close. I just need to figure out the timing and I can push in half a dozen patches and move on to other stuff.

Update:Yeah, I just hit the submit button and realized I had pretty much already described much of this in the previous post. Doh.