Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pinnacle 80e progress

Made progress bootstrapping the Pinnacle 80e tonight:
  • Fixed bug in em28xx EEPROM read routines
  • Successfully read the EEPROM contents
  • Added support for GPIO setting under em2874
  • Turned on the LED and brought drx3933 out of reset
  • Initialized i2c clock to 400MHz
  • Successfully detected drx3933 on the i2c bus

Read alot of documentation tonight. Working up a plan for how to tackle the demodulator driver. The existing em28xx driver will need some changes but is 90% there. The existing NXP 18271 driver should work unmodified. The big issue is there is no drx3933j driver at all, so I have to implement one from scratch, using the datsheets and reference driver source (which I can look at but not copy).