Sunday, November 2, 2008


Spent the weekend in Philadelphia with Victoria. Went to a couple of Halloween parties. Had a nice time.

Came home to find that my Pinnacle 808e Ultimate sample unit had arrived in the mail. Yay for free hardware.

For those of you who might be waiting on a Linux driver for the Pinnacle 80e Mini, I'm still working on the legal issues with Micronas. Hopefully will be straightened out in the next week or so.

Empia sent me the datasheet last night for the em2880, which I am currently resolving the differences against the em2874 datasheet so I can do a bit of driver cleanup.

Did some work tonight to prep my em2874 changes to merge, and managed to accidentally trash out the first byte in the eeprom of my HVR-950. Doh. Fortunately, since it was only the first byte and the device still loaded, it was pretty easy to reprogram back to the original value.

On Thursday night I also found a couple of nasty bugs in Kaffeine that were causing stream corruption, blocking and pixelation. I've got a few preliminary patches but they're not ready to push upstream yet. There's still one nasty bug that I want to isolate before I submit them.