Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tired, Frustrated, Irritated

So my plans to spend this evening debugging Gabor's ADS USB AV704 tuner issue came to a screeching halt when I went to login and my ssh public key wasn't accepted. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, so I probably won't get back to it until perhaps Thursday (and if not Thursday then next week since I am going to Philly this weekend).

I went to work on the Pinnacle Ultimate audio support and panic'd the kernel every time I connected. This is especially bad since my MacBook doesn't have a serial port to dump the backtrace to and, even in 2009, Linux still lacks even a rudimentary kernel debugger bundled with mainline distributions. I hate to point this out, but Windows had a pretty good kernel debugger in the mid 1990's (SoftIce) that took a whole five minutes to install. What the hell is wrong with Linux?

So either I'm going to have to try to move my development over to my other system, or reboot my system 30 or 40 times trying to remove suspect code until the issue goes away.

Wow I'm angry.

I think I'm going to just shelve this whole thing for the evening and watch some TV.