Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

Had a nice and quiet New Years. Victoria came out to the City, and her sister and sister's boyfriend stayed with us after going to a concert at Madison Square Garden. Today the four of us went to the American Museum of Natural History as well as checking out the skating rink there that has no actual ice (it's made of recycled plastic).

No progress today on LinuxTV stuff. I need to deal with Gabor's tuner problem and am waiting on a package from Cheeseboy so I can do the driver for the Evga Indtube. Looks pretty straightforward (em2882/s5h1409/xc3028L).

Hooked up the new phone Ben gave me last week (a MotoRizer). It's a considerable upgrade from my old phone from 2004, as it is much smaller and includes a built in camera. Pretty neat.