Monday, June 29, 2009

No Internet access

Yeah, so Verizon has returned to meeting my expectations (they absolutely suck). They scheduled my repair for 5:30 to 9:00pm, and then I called and found out there is no such repair window. Now I'm scheduled for 8am to 12pm tomorrow (and since they cut off my DSL service I will have to miss work). Apparently the support representative was baffled, not knowing how they other person managed to schedule me for that time in the computer.

Got home from work at 7pm. Watched Jeopardy while eating salad for dinner. Spent about an hour with an oscilloscope working on the PCTV 340e, and isolated the i2c problems preventing the bridge from talking to the xc4000 tuner.

I found out that both Subtle Tea and Keiko Cafe both close early. I thought this was supposed to be the city that never sleeps...

I'm at Bryant Park now, taking advantage of the free wireless with the outdoor movie in the background. It's funny, since years ago I would leave work early in New Jersey, drive to Bridgewater Station, catch a train to New York City, and come to the park to see the movie with Carter. Now I just walk six blocks up the street from my apartment.