Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Relatively productive evening...

Took a break from LinuxTV stuff tonight. Cleaned my apartment. Did laundry. Watched episodes from the first season of 30 Rock on Netflix. Made a big hole in my wall over the bathroom so I could see about converting it to storage space.

I did do some more debugging on the EVGA inDtube based on the logs Alan sent, and I think I might have uncovered the same race condition that I saw on cx88, where hald connects to the analog side of the board while the DVB driver is still initializing. I've seen it before on other bridges (I hit it on both cx88 and au0828), but I had never noticed it before in em28xx.

Ok, so I guess I didn't actually take a break from LinuxTV stuff. I only worked on it for an hour compared to most days where I do it all evening.