Saturday, June 27, 2009


Been a few days since I've posted. I'm having trouble now that I have three different blogs - this one,, and Trying to figure out which one to post to, and how to handle cases where the content overlaps. Annoying.

Here's another fine case where AT&T cannot figure out that there is a difference between 0.015 dollars and 0.015 cents (here's a hint: one is a little over one penny, and one is about 1/100 of one penny). This time though, it was MythBuster's Adam Savage who resulted in an $11,000 bill, and with 60,000 users following his Twitter account AT&T seems to have bent over backwards to resolve the issue pretty quickly.

MythBuster Adam Savage Leads Twitter Revolt Against AT&T

In a Philly coffeehouse this afternoon while Victoria is at trapeze. A couple of her friends are coming over tonight, and then her cousin moves in tomorrow. Going to try to look a little closer at a couple of the bug reports that came up this week with 950q analog.