Friday, July 3, 2009

Quiet Friday

I have off from work today, so I came out to Philadelphia a day early. In the coffeehouse now getting caught up on some email while Victoria is at the gym.

I managed to kill a PC last night. Plugged it in and sparks and smoke started to pour out of the power supply. Fortunately, it was just the crappy Windows PC I use for reverse engineer Windows drivers, but it will still set me back since I now have to get Windows installed on a different PC and setup the debug environment again. I guess this is also now an excuse to try out the OSX version of the Saleae logic analyzer application I also use the PC for.

My new soldering iron arrived yesterday, but again won't be of much use until I get the Windows PC back online (since the whole point of getting the iron was to be able to hook onto the PCTV 340e's i2c bus).

Going to New Jersey tomorrow to see the family and celebrate a couple of birthdays.