Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day in Philadelphia

Had a nice weekend. Spent Saturday afternoon at the beach with Lauren/Greg/Amelia and then hung out with them as well as Suzy/Isaac. On Sunday morning I tore apart Mom's dishwasher, saw Cyndi, and spent the afternoon with Jen/Jon/Jayden. Dinner on Sunday night with Victoria's Aunt and Grandmother.

This afternoon, in a coffeehouse in Philly, getting caught up on email while Victoria does internship applications. It's amazing how much email accumulates in my inbox over three days.

Still investigating support for multiple em28xx devices on the same USB bus. Looks like it might be harder than I originally expected. Also hoping to spend some cycles this week getting back to the PCTV 340e support, which was on hold while I did the em28xx VBI support.